Patriot Action Network

Standing against big government and for the people!

Watchmen on Amnesty
We Stand with Arizona

Auto Industry

 Govt. Motors & Take Over of Auto Industry

Cap and Trade / Global Warming
Cap and Trade Research and Reporting Group

Community Organizing Organizations

Congress 111th
Reporting on House of Representatives Group
Reporting Senate of the United States Group

Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi Group

Czar Research Group

Reporting on the Czars Discussion (add info and tidbits here)


 Missile Defense & Nuclear Proliferation

Elections and Voting

Election and Vote Fraud

Environmental/ECO Systems

Federal Delta Smelt Plan California

Fairness Doctrine/ Talk Radio
Fairness Doctrine/Broadcasters Freedom Act Group

GOP/Republican Party

Operation GOP Rejuvenation
Precinct Strategy How Take Back the GOP/Republican Party

George Soros
Watchmen on George Soros

Health Care

Watchmen on Obamacare and the Repeal Process


Indoctrination of our Youth
Reporting on the Indoctrination of Our Youth

Rising Costs (inflation) Preparedness

Justice System
American Justice Watchmen and Action Group

Leftist TacticsThe Tactics of the Left Group

Lobbying Organizations Research and Reporting Group

Marriage and Military
Watchman on Threat to Marriage and Military

Strategic Planning Media Advertisers  Boycott Group

Obama and Administration
Obama and his Administration

Threat to Western Civilization
Guard Against Creeping Sharia in America

2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment Gun Control Group

Church vs Federal Government
Watchmen on Churches and the Federal Government

As members are stepping up and accepting a position we are developing a group for each area of concern. This list is a work in progress.

Focus on specific issues, research and vet information, providing credible sources, brainstorming for taking action, plan and strategize, assist in disseminating information or strategy to the masses to educate and mobilize.

Group Coordinator:
Will identify and set up key researchers, add their names to the page, locate information, check for credible sources, manage content, comments, and group activity. Set up brainstorming sessions/discussions, guide strategy, planning, and implementation of actions to take. Send messages to group members alerting to important information added or action needed. Provide updates to the masses for education and mobilization.
Communicate with National Coordinator, Darla D.

Key Researcher:
Search the net, books, and history of topic, associations, etc..., locate credible information, resources, and sources. Make phone calls to vet info, make contacts, read through a lot of information and tie associations together where applicable, investigate, follow thru on issues, brainstorm for strategy, action and educating the masses. Communicate with the Group Coordinator and members who drop off information and search the information to vet it and provide valid sources.

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